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Find our Herbs at Haskill Creek Farms

SpiritWorks Trilogy is proud to partner with businesses that understand the importance of health. Haskill Creek Farms is one such business that desires to not only improve the physical health of their clients, but also the mental and emotional. This classy, bright mercantile is located in Whitefish, Montana, and offers an antidote to the austerity of conventional drugstores. Haskill Creek Farms is a one stop shop for holistic products like coffee, lotions, towels, diapers, books, kitchenware, and of course, herbs. Last year, SpiritWorks Trilogy had the privilege of providing over 75% of Haskill Creek Farm’s herb inventory.

“No one else in the valley grows herbs to such a high level of sophistication,” said Scot Chisholm, owner of Haskill Creek Farms. SpiritWork’s herbs are always plucked at peak potency and have found their home in beautiful glass jars displayed on the mercantile’s wall.

In an effort to create a holistic space for people to heal, grow, and connect with the community, Haskill Creek Farms hosts a weekly summer series event. This family-friendly event is quintessential to a Montana summer experience with live music, food trucks and lawn games. Every Wednesday over the summer from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., a different musician plays on the front porch of Haskill Creek Farms. This summer, amazing singer-songwriters, hip-hop artists, indie bands, and a Weissenborn Slide Guitarist have graced the stage. For foodies, the event is great for trying authentic Mexican, Hawaiian, and even Brazilian cuisine!

Ultimately, the summer series event at Haskill Creek Farms is a socially and environmentally conscious endeavor that benefits the “Save Farmland '' non-profit. Just by buying a drink at the event, you can support young farmers who want to grow organic and local food for their communities. The event is truly an authentic display of the valley’s vivacity and community-driven spirit. And while it feels like autumn is just around the corner, the summer series event will continue until September 14th. This Wednesday, head over to Haskill Creek Farms and get a taste of this lively event! And maybe, just maybe, pick up some of our herbs while you dance the night away.

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