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Farm Retreat

Healing retreats, both formal group programs, and individualized personal menus are offered on our certified organic medicinal herb farm.  Farm experiences will be customized to your interests.


Providing The Gift of Healing For 29 Years

We have created a wellness centre that provides a depth and breathe of experience and that is dedicated to your overall health, mentally, emotionally, physically and interpersonally. Our purpose is to remove interferences to the vibrant expression of your life force, and to reveal to those who are interested, the source of true health with the manifestation of their fullest potential.

Health Building Opportunities:

Our self-care treatment rooms feature the following and are accessed 24-7 during your stay with a $100 flat fee/person and instruction regarding use : 
Other Wellness Services:
  • Slabway Whole Body Massage Chair & Separate Foot Massage & Hand Massagers
  • Infrared Biomat with or without Chi Machine
  • Pulsed Magnetic Resonance
  • Hand-Held Percussion and Massage Tools
  • Personal BodyWork Sessions


Our Promise To You

During your SpiritWorks Farm Retreat Stay, we take the time to understand your needs to ensure your experience exceeds your expectations.  

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